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This event is a must attend for Executives, Investors/Owners, Technology professionals, Onsite Property Managers, Leasing Professionals, Maintenance Directors, Maintenance Associates, Directors of Maintenance and Operations, Regional Managers, Marketing & Training, and Corporate Associates.

Onsite Operations

You don't need more information. You need new possibilities for your onsite teams. Get rid of flawed systems and approaches and learn what is working today in Multifamily and beyond. 

Regional Operations

Discover strategies designed specifically for the needs of Regional Operations. As the wedge between the onsite teams and the corporate office - you will learn more about what is driving results for this role.

Corporate Operations

Collapse the distance between the corporate office and the onsite teams. Learn what is driving results on the ground and discover portfolio strategies designed to scale your business. 

Live Expert Talks & Presentations

This is a LIVE event similar to a concert. We have posted the approximate show times. Times are subject to change and will fluctuate like any live performance. 

DAY 1 - 

  • Opening Keynote - Building Mental Capital


    Guest: Darleen Santore

    Darleen Santore (Coach Dar) is a mental and conditioning coach, she blends a knowledge of science, psychology and achievement with her personal passion for life. The result? Individuals, corporate executives and professional athletes & teams aim higher and achieve more.


    This high energy, high impact keynote will leave you inspired and committed to investing into your mental capital to drive more income, emotional strength and the focus to stay committed rather just in the time of crisis.  You will level up your mindset so you level up your impact. If you want to be innovative, then our minds need to be at optimal levels. 

  • Disappearing Disappointments


    Guest: The Freemans

    We've brought in top relationship experts to talk about how to resolve conflicts and deal with difficult people. You will be more aligned and on the same page together with people and feel like a team during any season of life. You will learn communication skills to better understand each other and resolve disagreements faster.

  • The Future of Leasing


    Guest: Kerry W. Kirby

    What will the future look like for leasing agents? How will they interact with technology and residents? Learn new ways to reimagine this role. With the recent Coronavirus, leasing offices had to close. In this session we will explore the shifting customer expectations and how the world of leasing will change. We go beyond Facetime tours, video tours and talk about the possibilities for this next phase of innovation in Multifamily

  • A Leadership Vision for Impact and Growth


    Guest: Walt Lamperski

    What's that visionary leadership look like and what should an executive be doing? We are moving past pandemic marketing and properties are moving through post-crisis territory. We will talk to a President of a well respected management company on how to support employees, investors, residents, and industry partners with a strong vision as they get back on their feet.

  • How access control solutions meet social distancing guidelines and create operational efficiency


    Guest: Demetrios Barnes

    Learn to create a frictionless, best-in-class experience for property managers, residents and visitors with mobile, cloud-based technology.  We will explore solutions for communities of all types, from suburban garden-style homes to urban high-rises. You will leave with an easy to implement plan that is highly flexible and will help you solve a number of operational challenges, like package delivery, on-demand services and self-guided tours

  • People over Process


    Guest: Jamie Dalferes

    What kind of leader are you when times get tough? Do you retreat and leave your teams to figure it out, or maybe you tighten the reins and become the micro-manager to rival all micro-managers? Do you tend to focus on operations and tasks while overlooking the person doing the job? Any of these statements sound familiar? No worries, you fall within the majority of leaders out there. When crisis hits leaders tend to focus on the job that needs to get done rather than people, and the people need a leader that cares for them to find the motivation to do the job. We will show you how to go from an operations focused leader to a people centered leader. 

  • Creating Effective Communication Strategies


    Guest: Dana Caudell

    Multifamily is a people business. Because of the many audiences we serve — from residents to employees, to industry partners and investors, to the greater community and public — a thoughtful, proactive communications strategy is critical. Particularly in times of change and uncertainty, the need for clear, consistent communication at all levels becomes even more apparent. Hear one company’s approach to communicating through change and equipping its leaders to communicate consistent, relevant messages to key stakeholders.

  • Recruiting Maintenance Teams and Creating Positive Experiences


    Guest: Bry Carter

    The maintenance team has the greatest influence on memorable experiences. Learn how your maintenance teams can increase retention and help you keep more revenue. But first, you have to find them. We'll show you how. 

  • Multifamily Investment Trends post COVID-19


    Guest: Mark Farrell

    We will be talking trends in the market, specifically regarding new developments/new transactions from an investor and a buyer standpoint, what adjustments are being planned in a post-COVID-19 world, how we see operations adjust during this time and how one company is planning to design future developments.

  • Accelerated Innovation and Emerging New Models of Business


    Guest: Larry Gorman

    What we used to think about virtual tours and remote working programs being a 6 month implementation that many put off - now assumptions have been tested as companies implemented new models in weeks when forced to change. What will that do for new models of leasing? Ads have changed, Leasing agents might be in fear, you might be routing calls to 3rd parties, We will explore a whole new set of questions for how we maximize leasing operations. 

DAY 2 - 

  • Opening Keynote- Developing the Leader Within You


    Guest: Jason Stoughton

    True leaders know, go, & show the way. But we cannot give what we do not have, and people do not follow position or title - they follow influence.  In this lesson, we share that leaders aren't born - they're created, or developed. Leaders have to add wisdom and expand their capacity, which can only come from an intentional growth mindset. This lesson will help you go deeper with your journey toward becoming bigger on the inside than you are on the outside. This content is designed to challenge you to look at how you lead yourself before you lead others - to embrace the truth that attracting, developing and multiplying leaders in our organizations is determined by how continue to live out our personal leadership development. 

  • A PropTech Outlook for Multifamily


    Guest: Dirk Wakeham

    The residential real estate industry has catapulted through 2 years of transformation within the first 2 months of the COVID crisis. Necessity is the mother of invention, but as we look past the current crisis, we need to examine the mindset shift that has occurred and its future implications. What changes will continue into the future, what might pause, and what further transformations might we see in the weeks, months, and years ahead?

  • Elite Performance Mindset for Success in Uncertain Times


    Guest: Carrick Felix

    We have former NBA player, 3x Ted X Speaker, and Real Estate Investor - Carrick Felix with us in the studio. Implement strategies used By Jeff Bezos, Oprah Winfrey, Michael Jordan, and other elite level experts. Learn what’s driving the needle in your life so you can take action and get real results. Earn more money, make an  an impact, reignite your relationship, and create next level possibilities - all while living a  healthier, wealthier, more passion drive and meaningful life. ​

  • Emotional Intelligence Training for Onsite Teams


    Guest: Heidi Jehlicka

    Self-awareness, empathy and honesty are key to how teams interact with colleagues, bosses and clients. In today’s technology-driven environment, it’s more important than ever to prioritize these interactions and understand others’ emotions. Emotional intelligence affects how we manage behavior, navigate social complexities, and make personal decisions to achieve positive results. Learn how emotional intelligence can be taught and the significant value it provides to drive success.

  • Strategic Technology Integrations


    Guest: Kim Senn Cross

    Are you optimizing your systems and processes to drive revenue, effectiveness and give your teams time back? We will explore what is possible with with the right thinking to design, deploy, and optimize your strategic future with innovation. 

  • Self Guided Tours


    Guest: Georgianna Oliver

    Are you ready for this new way to rent apartments? We will explore this cutting edge technology and talk through the possibilities, and integrations for introducing a self guided tour process to your leasing office or portfolio. We will explore the resident's perspective as well as the management perspective. 

  • Marketing Science & Data to Take Control of Your Lead Generation and Control Costs.


    Guest: Dustin Lacey

    If we as operators make agreements with investors on financial performance, then we need to have control of the process. We will be exploring what it is that Google cares about and how knowing that can save you money and get results for investors! We have smart people in Multifamily but so many still make antiquated decisions? We will show you how to make a shift. You will learn how one company has assumed control over every aspect of the company. You don't have to be a nationally recognized company to take control of these elements of your business.

  • Leading Virtual – Getting results through perspective, purpose, and empowerment


    Guest: Kristen Magni

    The future of work is now. Most industries have and will continue to experience monumental changes in how and where we work. Most leaders are designing new roadmaps for delivering business results while simultaneously trying to manage their teams’ and their own work and life coexistence. Virtual is the new experiential. We got into this business for a reason. We became leaders for a reason. Now we need to develop new mindsets, skills, and processes to lean into our changing world and empower our teams to be more agile. We will explore the critical role leaders play as change agents, consider insights from neuroscience on trust and motivation and arm you with proven strategies that will help you, your team, and your businesses thrive.

  • Recruiting Top Talent


    Guest: Darren Williams

    The problem in Multifamily is that we don't teach the fundamental approaches to attract the right people. The best candidates have choices; we teach you how to attract them to your company.  Everything starts here with our people. Learn proven strategies to attract top talent. From the job post to the first interview. Learn how teams are attracting the best talent. Attract top candidates, drive more sales, and a better resident experience with great teams. Improve employee engagement, reduce turnover, and grow your portfolio!

  • Rent Control Impact on on Apartment Housing


    Guest: Sheri Druckman

    Learn about the impacts of rent control along with additional challenges caused by COVID-19.  Discuss solutions to improve housing affordability and property values. 

Best in Class Speaker Lineup

Learn from some of the most influential people in our industry

Coach Dar

Keynote Speaker

Founder & CEO


Performance Meets Purpose Coaching & Consulting

Walt Lamperski




Stonemark Management


Jamie Dalferes

Learning and Talent Management Senior Executive

Lincoln Property Company


Mark Farrell

President of Development


Presidium Property Management

Demetrios Barnes

Co-Founder & COO





Carrick Felix

Real Estate Investor, Speaker


IMC Family


Sheri Druckman

VP of Business Development

Residential Management


SRG Residential


Darren Williams



Portico Property Management


Dana Caudell

President of Property Management


The Bainbridge Companies

Kerry Kirby

Founder & CEO


365 Connect

The Freemans

Authors, Relationship Experts, Coaches

Empowered Couples University

Kristen Magni



hyrUP Consulting


Larry Gorman




Kim Senn Cross

Founder & President


The KSC Group

Jason Stoughton

Director of Leadership Advancement



The John Maxwell Co.

Georgianna Oliver



Tour24 & Package Concierge

Bry Carter

Vice President

Sales and Recruiting

The Phoenix Staffing LLC


Heidi Jehlicka

SVP of Marketing & Employee Development

The Bainbridge Companies

Dirk Wakeham

Chief Executive Officer



Dustin Lacey

Director of Brand Communications



Mark-Taylor Companies


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Creating a Bigger and Better Future in Multifamily

This summit is a premier industry event with notable thought-provoking speakers, informal peer-to-peer discussions, and unparalleled educational content all accessed from the comfort of your home or office.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are the most popular questions we get asked about the event

  • How many days is the event on for?

    This is a 2 day live summit filmed in our studio. The speakers deliver a high impact talk for the audience. We live broadcast the talks right to you from anywhere in the world - home, office, vacation, mobile phone, really...anywhere you have a screen. Plus you get to participate and engage in the event. Ask questions, participate in polls, trending data, it's all gameified for your enjoyment. 

  • How many speakers are attending?

    Our speakers are hand selected for the highest learning outcomes. Each summit will have a variety of talks. We will bring you Interviews, keynotes, fireside chats, presentations, panels, and trainings. 

  • Are there places to get food and drink?

    Uhh yeah! We give our in studio and in person attendees refreshments. If you are watching from your home- well, just walk to the fridge and grab a drink. 

  • Can I buy more than one ticket?

    Yes. We can have unlimited Live Broadcast attendees. We only allow a limited VIP in person attendees for Multifamily Operators in our studio. Industry Partners/Vendors must be a strategic sponsor to attend the VIP in person summit. Space is limited so get your ticket before it sells out.  

  • Do I have to pay to bring a partner?

    For in person tickets, yes. Ticket prices are for individual seats. For live broadcast, you will get access with the email address and IP with your order. You will not be allowed to share the access with anyone else. Our tech is pretty cool- we'd know who you are. You can however, host a group watch party where everyone in the room can watch. 

  • Do you offer special early bird pricing?

    The pricing is set for the in person attendees. These sell out so the first movers get a ticket. Then it's sold out. For live broadcast, we do have early bird pricing, advanced rate, and regular rate pricing. So the sooner you secure a seat, the more you save. 

  • Can I watch recordings?

    If you are a Live Broadcast Premium ticket or in person VIP ticket holder - you will have access to the session recordings. 

  • Will there be networking?

    Yes! If you upgrade to a paid ticket, you will have access to the attendee networking and mentorship app right on your mobile phone. In person VIP tickets are invited to a private networking event. 

  • Scottsdale, Arizona & Livestream


  • 480-719-4409


The Multifamily Operations Summit is the biggest of its kind anywhere in the World.

We have Industry experts joining us to provide insights and strategies on a variety of Multifamily Operational strategies.

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